Bunion repair    

Bunion repair Lapidus Bunionectomy surgery is a type of corrective bunion surgery that restores the big toe joint to its natural anatomic position by realigning the metatarsal to its proper position. The procedure starts by making an anterior incision along the medial line of the big toe exposing the effected metatarsal joint. After the joint is exposed the surgeon will release all soft tissues and tendons surrounding the joint to ensure full mobility is achieved. An incision in made into the joint capsule to expose the bunion. A small surgical saw is used to remove the bony prominence to create a flush and proper anatomic line of the foot. The head of the metatarsal is cut and moved laterally into a corrected anatomical position. There are various techniques used to achieve this step. Once in the corrected position a K-wire in placed to hold the bone in place, a cannulated screw is placed over the wire and tightened to hold the bone in its’ final position. Next, If any overhanging bone exists the surgeon will remove it with the saw, then smooth and round the bone to prevent any sharp edges. The joint capsule is then closed, followed by the incision.  



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